What is physical interaction?

In my opinion, physical interaction is the communications between people and other devices in a touchable and three dimensional way, which include a integrated process of input, process, and response.

I got some inspirations from this reading passage, which are important for me to recognize what physical interaction is as a former UI designer. And I think they are also answers for What makes for good physical interaction?

  1. Having a integrated interactive process and performing each part well. It’s why physical interaction is different from reaction or participation, which doesn’t include the whole three process as mentioned above.
  2. Taking action and giving feedback. Action is important during the process of physical interaction. If a subject has a capability of doing something without actually taking action, we won’t count it as the subject of physical interaction.
  3. A well designed “thinking” process. This is a metaphor for the core process of physical interaction design. It is especially important, and is the key point differs from user interface design.
  4. Taking full advantage of the interactivity and people’s hands.
  5. Breakthrough in the interactive process.

Example of work which is good example of digital technology but is not interactive:

On Burberry’s fashion show, RFID techniques were used to lead the way on the innovation catwalk. However, but it’s not interactive.