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The projects include product design of internal applications used at live auctions; streamline legacy B2C products such as Private Sale, Marketplace, and B2B services such as consignments.

B2B, B2C, E-commerce


Nutrition App

This is a mobile app’s onboarding experience design, including user research, sitemap, wireframe, interactive prototype, animation design, and visual design.

UX, UI, Animation, Prototyping, Mobile

Baidu Guard

I led this project and iterated from version 2.0 to 7.0. We created the design system, including visual languages, component libraries, and delightful animations.

Design System, Desktop, UX, UI

Home_Baidu Guard
AR Heart Health_iF

AR Heart Health

Heart Health is a gamified AR experience to engage patients, solve medication adherence problems, and deliver the education contents lively in a virtual 3D context.

AR, UX, UI, Unity 3D, Mobile, Xcode

Estranged Stars

It’s a storytelling and animation film created for the big screen at IAC in West Chelsea. The technologies include motion capture, character rigging, 3d modeling, and texturing.

Film Editing, 3D Animation, Storytelling

dancing Bear

Dancing Bear

Dancing bear is an animation video using 3D technologies like Photoscan, character rigging, and blueprint interactions in Unreal Engine.

Photoscan, 3D Animation, Video

Singin’ in the Rain

It’s a handmade piano-like installation using serial communications, physical computing, and creative coding. It was presented at the ITP winter show and Maker Night at the New York Hall of Science.

Installation, New Media, Arduino

singin in the rain
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