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Hey, I’m

Ran Tian

UX/UI  .   Motion  .   3D  .  Tech

I’ve been working at cool companies like Sotheby’s, Baidu, Microsoft, and Lenovo for over 9 years. Luckily, even at the large tech giants, the working environments have mirrored that of a startup. These experiences pushed me to learn fast, become a design manager, take on new challenges, and ultimately become a “full-stack” designer.

From 2016 to 2018, I gapped 2 years to study at NYU’s ITP program where my focus was on interactive technologies. Here I got to explore interactive coding, AR/VR, and 3D animations.

I’m grateful to be a designer and believe my designs can make the world a better place.


AR Heart Health – IF award iF DESIGN TALENT AWARD 2018


Estranged Stars @Media Center by IFP – NYC 2018
Estranged Stars @IAC – NYC 2017
Singin’ in the Rain @New York Hall of Science – NYC 2017
AR Heart Health @New York Hall of Science – NYC 2018


Interactive Telecommunications Program(ITP), NYU
Industrial Design, Tianjin University

Work Experience

Sotheby’s – Senior Product Designer
HTDevelopers – Senior UX/UI Designer
Baidu – Senior Product Designer
Microsoft (Asia) & Bing – UI Intern
Lenovo – UI Intern


UX/UI/Motion: Figma, Sketch, InVision, Photoshop, illustrator, Principle, Axure, Flinto, Proto.io, Keynote, After Effects, Premiere
3D/VR/AR: Unity, Unreal Engine, Rhino, Fuse
Coding: HTML/CSS/JS, P5.js, Lottie.js
Other: Arduino, CAD, 3D Printing, Isadora(Live Performance)