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4 Axis Mill Lampshade

Project Time: April 2017      Tech: Rhino, CAD, 4 Axis Mill

I’m really into sculpturing the geometry from natural wood material and want to explore the design possibilities of the plywood texture.




3.5 Inch Solid Wood Block Cube: from Amazon

1/2Inch Baltic Birch: from Prince Lumber

Wood glue;

Sand Paper: 1000 and 1500 Grit;

Tung Oil Finish and Paste Finishing Wax: from Home Depot

Lighting Components: from the Lighting Shop

PS: I bought a regular bulb at first, but it generated a lot of heat, which was not good. Because I used a lot of glue on the lampshade. So finally I had to choose the LED bulb.

3D Modeling in Rhino

In order to make sure not to have cutting-through parts, I made the model of my actual workpiece, then put the lampshade model inside.

CAD file in Vector

In order to fix on the 4 axis mill, the left bottom one without a hole in it will work as a sacrificial piece placed at the bottom of the workpiece.


CNC Router

Time: 10 minutes


Time: 24 hrs

4 Axis Mill

Time: 6 hrs Roughing + 5 hrs Finishing

Drill the Holes for LED Bulb


Time: 5hrs.  I used the 200, 400, 1000 Grit Sand Paper


Time: 2 days.  Tung Oil+ Wax

Light up 🙂

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