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Website Logo – Baidu Cloud Security

Project Time: 2015      Role: Project Leader      Target Users: Professional web development users     
Project Goal: Creating recognition and conveying the idea that we are providing on-going value to the target market

A case study of logo design for Baidu Cloud Security Website, which mainly focuses on web users with advanced-level security requirements.

I led this project when working in Baidu. With 2 visual designers in my team, we did mood board research, brainstorming, and exported branding guidelines.
The result was well received by the team.




More than 30 specific images were listed based on the meaning and letters of the website’s name.
Five images of them were selected as design elements:



Mood board was conducted based on the five features of the product: intelligent, professional, efficient, light and novel.
Fifty different logos were collected in 4 categories: dot, line, 2D and 3D; we talked with 20 users about their feelings toward each logo.
Then according to the data collected by Tableau, the visual languages that represent the 5 features were the coherent curve and gradient color.


Competitor Color Palettes

We did some competitor research to find out what colors they were using to represent their brands and what the predominant colors in the industry were.
Many web brands and tech companies were using blue and green as their primary brand color.
We wanted to blend in by using a similar color palette, but also stand out from the crowd by choosing different hue and saturation.


Symbolism and Evolution


Final Draft

As a product of Baidu, its outline was extracted from Baidu’s logo, so the users can correctly identify this particular service just by viewing the shape of the logo.
There is a circle enclosed in the outline, which represents the Chinese gold coin.
The curve forms an engine, representing we are providing ongoing value to the target market,
which is also the meaning of the product’s tagline in Chinese – “云聚千金”.


Layout Guideline


Color Palette


Website Design


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