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Dancing Bear

I photo-scanned Amazon's Teddy Bear and made them dancing at Time Square ūüôā


Project Time: 2017            Background Music: Gorgeous by Taylor Swift      Primary Softwares: Unreal Engine, mixamo, PhotoScanPro,  ZBrush, Premiere

Dancing Bear is a fun project I made for practicing Photoscan technique.

In the scene of Time Square which I built for a previous project, the Teddy Bears are dancing with Taylor’s song. I made them interact with white balloons and the lights on the ground.
As you can see, the ground lights are changing colors when the front bear step on each one.

Making Process

Photo Scan

1. Setup the photo shoot scene > Take three rounds of photos around the bear

photo shot

2. In PhotoScanPro: Align photos > Build Dens cloud > Clean model (change view mode to dens point cloud, freeform selection) > Build Mesh > Build Texture

photo scan

Clean the Model in ZBrush

1. Fill holes

2. ZRemesh > Smoothing

3. New UVmap

4. Adjust the axis and resize.

Back to PhotoScanPro

1. Build Texture

2. Remove green color in Photoshop


3. New UVmap

The Final Model

Build Motions in Mixamo


Unreal Engine Rendering

Edit skeletal mesh and animations


Added the physics environment(generate overlap events)


Final render in the Time Square scene I built before

dancing bear
dancing Bear

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