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Interactive AR

Experiments with Google Tango and Tilt Brush

Project Time: Mar 2017            Primary Tools: Unity 3D, Project Tango, Tilt Brush

In these experiments, I focused on exploring interaction possibilities with the phone’s built-in sensors to allow users to control their AR experience and engage with AR environment.

Interaction Experiments

Vibration – Collision Based Vibration Feedback

I set the cube object a tag called ”target” and added a “rigid body” on the sphere. So when the sphere hits into the cube it triggers the vibration in user’s hand. This gives the uses a realistic feeling of collision in AR.

The buzzing sound in the video shows the phone’s vibration.


Code for collision and vibration

sine wave

Sine wave movement of the sphere

Motion Tracking – Accelerometer

This video shows that the phone measures acceleration and moves the cube correspondingly:


Code for acceleration forces control

Tilt Brush – Stroke Simulating

The stroke paths in Tilt Brush are being played back in AR:

tilt brush path
balloon brush

Cat and Balloon – 3D Depth Sensor

The balloons were made with Tilt Brush and then imported into Unity. They moved along a pre-assigned path. When the balloon passing by, the cats we placed on any surface will look at it.

planting cats
cat and balloon
cats looking

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