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Ink Lotus Android Launcher Theme

Project Time: 2010-2011      Role: Lead UI Designer     Project Goal: Providing selling point for LePhone’s new version from a design perspective.

Ink Lotus is an Android launcher theme designed for LePhone S2(Android smartphone), a product of LENOVO. This design was completed by myself when I was an intern at Lenovo, loved by users and very well acknowledged in the market.

The freehand brush stroke is a genre of Chinese painting and was a big part of my childhood. Based on my childhood drawing experience, I wanted to incorporate the feeling into this design.

Official Promotion Video (from 17 seconds to 21 seconds):


Visual Inspirations


Locked Screen

I wanted to delight the users when they unlock the screen and create the resonance between Chinese culture and a smooth user experience.
So I designed this Chinese folding fan on the locked screen, which forms a unique unlocking gesture – sliding along a curve to unlock the phone. Once unlocked, the same ink lotus image will appear on the home screen.

folding fan

Weather System





Photos of marketing


Banners in the building of Lenovo

bus ad

Bus stop advertisement in Beijing

IT News

It was well received by the public.

The Ink Lotus theme design ( named 水墨荷花 in Chinese) was adopted nationwide in 2012 and used by millions of users.
Not surprisingly, the design truly resonated with Chinese users and it was quickly replicated by the Android community.

Lenovo 2011 E2E CEO AwardExcellence Team Award

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