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Landing Pages – Baidu Antivirus

Project Time: 2014      Role: Lead Designer      Target Users: Search engine users whose query keywords fit into PC security related topics
Project Goal: 1. Promote download (high conversion rates) 2. Increase brand’s exposure
                         3. Craft the leading technologies and philosophy of this product into compelling and powerful stories and visualizations.

I designed a series of landing pages for Baidu Security. By understanding the audience’s pain points, I chose different styles and content to target different users.

My visual design principles:
No.1 Highlight the down button
No.2 Short and compelling copy
No.3 Very strong visual impact

The impact: Peak conversion rate of one single page reached 62% with an average conversion rate of 30%.




1. From the development team, we got top 100 keywords the user used in a search to find our product and competitors’.
2. We sorted the keywords to organize and prioritize. Then sorted categories of landing pages.
3. We finally decided to make three landing pages with different themes:

page sorting

Showcase 1

Query keywords:
Virus,  Trojan, USB Virus Scan, Online Virus Scan

I designed these particle animations to represent viruses and used them as key elements to connect the three screens:

1st screen – viruses are killed and disappear when they reach Baidu’s “Snow Wolf” antivirus engine;
2nd screen – viruses are prevented from entering the circle which stands for the ultimate protection of USB disks;
3rd screen – the user’s computer is connected to a data network of viruses and being constantly scanned by Antivirus Engines.

snow wolf
Snow Wolf

Showcase 2

Query keywords:
General words related to PC security, Competitor’s name

Designed to build customer loyalty and reinforce brand image:

Our main focus was to expand brand exposure through interactive and engaging visual design and animation of an Iceberg Defense System.

As the animation showing on the right, I used the changing perspective of icebergs to connect the three scenes.

The first screen introduces a large headline to grab the attention of the user. While the image is quite simple, which nudges the user to scroll down for more details.


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