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Swaying Sunflower Light

Project Time: Mar 2017      Tech: Arduino

It’s a lamp with sunflower projection and user interactivity. I did several projects about light and interactivity. This installation uses a PIR sensor to interact with people’s movement. It represents the image of sunflowers and imitates the swaying when people passing by.



I like summer. I feel that the field of sunflowers swaying in summer breeze represents summer quite well. So I wanted to create the summer vibe in my room.


Prototyping with Cardboard

I tested the shape of shadow by cutting on cardboard. Then found out the best shapes and the proper distance to cast the shadow from objects to the wall.

shadow test1
shadow test2

Fabrication of Lamp Shade

I used the laser cutter and CNC to make the sunflower structure.


Primary components

Arduino Uno, PIR sensor, Servo, LED
I installed a PIR sensor under the light to detect the infrared movement of people. It will send a signal to the servo to make the shadow flicker.

lamp shade
PIR sensor

The Final Sunflower Projection

sunflower shadow

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