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Company Logo – Varan Health

Project Time: February 2018      Role: Designer     
Project Goal: Emphasize on the following points for this new company: 1.high and new technology 2. using AR/VR to transform how patients and professionals absorb information

I had the pleasure to work on branding Varan Health, which is a technology company using AR and VR to provide healthcare solutions.

The name VARAN came from the “VR + AR” technologies. So I designed its logo based on the letter V and A, and explored many ways to symbolize the meaning of these technologies.
I also made several animations to explain the origin of the design.

Brainstorming & Sketches


Symbolism & Evolution


Logo Interpretation

The final idea was then developed based on the second plan because its shape is simple and meaningful:
1. Visual representation of letter A and V
2. 3D structure, meaning we build 3D experience
3. Two layers, meaning the AR technology that a digital creature superimposed in front of reality, and the innovative strategy that we think outside the box.

To better visualize the idea, I built a 3D model in Rhino to look around the structure in a real environment, which helped me determine the perspective I want.


For the final draft, I made the letter A among “Varan” to stand out and create a relationship with the “A” in the logo. The bottom completed the logo by representing the “V”.

final draft

Experimenting with some logo reveal ideas:


From the red letter A to blue letter V


One digital layer on top of a physical layer(mixed reality) in the 3D space

Final Draft

logo final
business card

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