I went to Lighting Plus to find what are the primary materials of making a flashlight. Then I found out I just need a LED and a battery.img_7623

The shop staff told me it’s 3 Volt LED. So I need a 3V battery. Since I can control the light by connecting the positive and negative level with my finger, I think there’s no necessary to buy a switch.


So the rest of my job is making a portable small case for my light. img_7647

Above is my sketches. An idea came out that the round head LED looks like the ear of rabbit.

At first, I tried to make the round pice by saw, then drill a hole on one side, but don’t drill through it.


However, it’s not easy to drill a groove on such a thin board. Under the suggestion of the floor staff, I turned to the Laser Cutter. He taught me the basic process based on what I need. Then I got a wonderful round pice of board to hold the battery and LEDs.




The last process is cutting a black and a red sticker to make Tony’s face, and cutting a paper to cover the back. Now, the Cony Flashlight is done. img_7648