I made a bottles holder. Normally for wine or beer bottles.img_7873

At first, I used the Band Saw to cut the basic shapes, and choped 45 degree on a pice of wood.


By fixing the two 45 degree pices of wood between two trapezium pices, I got a jig, which can help me to cut the 45 degree angle on the wood’s edge. This jig works pretty efficient. I can get a pice with two 45 degree  edge in less than one minutes.  img_7789 img_7790 img_7791 img_7792

Taking the size of a wine bottle for reference, the diameter of the hole for holding the bottle’s neck could be 30mm.



Make a hole with Drill Press. I learn’t from the process that the drill bit should not move too fast, and the bit should move back and forth slowly during the process, otherwise the wood would be stucked in the hole saw bit. 

img_7800 img_7801 img_7802

Finally, I fixed the square pices on a backboard. I found a discarded board for the backboard, but it was not long enough to fix 5 pices.

I draw the shape of the edge on both sides to locate precisely.img_7807

I used the C Clamps to hold the two pices tightly when drill  holes for nails and drill the nails into the two pices.img_7808img_7816img_7813img_7811

I learnt that in order to drill a smooth and flat hole for the head of the nail, I need to slow down the speed of the drill.img_7812img_7814

This is the finished product.