I want to make a enclosure for my Pcom application, which is a 180 degree sensor holder for Gopro. I think it might be useful for making documentation, like shooting a video when I’m working.

And in order to get more experience during these assignments, I decided to make it from a block of wood, which seems having more challenge.

About the material:pine wood, 1.75 x 3.5 x 7 block

Below are my processes:

  1. I measured and drew on the wood for the structure design. img_8472
  2. Drew sketches of the acrylic panel for laser cutter.
  3. I fond this acrylic sheet on junk shelf.  I didn’t realize only half of the circle was cutted after I finished. (See the second picture below on the right corner) Maybe there are some problems in my AI file, so I have to find another piece acrylic and cut again.img_8474img_8475
  4. I heated the bending part on acrylic bender.img_8476
  5. In order for wood screws, switches and sensors to fit in the enclosure, I drilled some holes according to the acrylic panel.img_8485img_8478
  6. Using Band Saw to cut the wood block into  two pieces. The thinner piece is used as bottom.img_8479
  7.  Drilling off the wood in the internal space of the thickpiece. I used the biggest Spade bit (Forstner bit is better, but I don’t have that at hand). I pushed too hard and fast, so I drilled through one part. But it’s fine because there will be an acrylic panel to cover the flaws. Another thing I learned is that I really should measure carefully and carve carefully. Because I drilled a much larger area than I supposed to, then I left little space at the corners for installing the wood screws.img_8480img_8488
  8. Sawing and polishing two holes on one side for the USB and DC power line. The pine wood material is a little soft, so it’s easier to breaking to pieces. It’s really a good idea to cut off a large rectangle area and just put an acrylic panel on the side, it will be much cleaner and nicer.

img_8490 img_8491


Finally, I installed my Pcom project into the box. The space in the box is kind of limited, maybe buying the bamboo box will be much easier. But the cutting and designing experience is very precious for me.

img_8495 img_8496 img_8497 img_8498 img_8501 img_8503 img_8504 img_8505 img_8506 img_8507