I want to make a Decorative String Chandelier for Halloween, so I bought those materials at Target.

The main materials are: yarn, tacky glue(white glue), petroleum jelly (vaseline) , and balloon.img_8664


Step 1, blow and hang the balloon.

Step 2, coat the balloon with petroleum jelly to avoid the yarn stucking too firmly to the balloon.


Step 3, mix the white glue and a little water together, then pull the loose string into the bowl of glue.



Step 4, wrap the yarn up and down firmly around the balloon, until it reaches a proper density of coverage.


Step 5, wait 24 hours to pop the balloon.

It’s almost finished. I realize it’s important to estimate how much materials I need for a project, and prepare sufficient of them. This time I used up the whole bottle of glue, and a pack of yarn. If the balloon is bigger than this, I would not be able to finish the coverage process.

For the next, I need to fix a bulb in the chandelier, which should be easy to take off. So in order to take advantages of the materials at hand, I made a bulb holder like thisimg_8721

The processes are as follows:

Firstly, I drilled a hole in the middle of the cans’s bottom. At first, I tried on the drill press, but it made a loud noise, and it seemed difficult to drill through. Then I used a small drill bit to drill a small hole, and use a bigger bit to make the hole bigger. Finally, I found it was easier to make a large circle hole with a nibbling tool.

%e6%9c%aa%e6%a0%87%e9%a2%98-1 img_8714 Secondly, I cut the cans into to two parts from the middle, and cut a length of strip connecting with the bottle in each of the two sides.


Thirdly, punched two holes on each strip, which can be joined together with screws and nuts. This part is used to fix the chandelier on the holder.img_8716Fourthly, joined the bulb and its holder with hot glue.

img_8717 img_8719

And here is the finished chandelier!

dsc06394 dsc06411