17 Ways to Visualize the Twitter Universe

Data Visualization examples on twitter

Tweet Sentiment Visualization

Jer Thorp. He teaches in NYU’s ITP program, and he is also a TED speaker. There is a video about visualizing the world’s Twitter data. His blog has a tutorial about how to accessing information from the Twitter API with Processing.

Data Source:

Twitter Developer Reference Documentation

My idea for title may be:

The world’s opinion about #Election2016

1-sentence description:

I will try to design a webpage to analyze the Tweets after an election night shock, in some aspects like people’s sentiment, keywords of public opinion, time line of spreading tendency across the world, and I’ll push the latest tweets into the webpage.

My questions:

I’m not sure whether there will be some problems which are beyond the knowledge I learnt from this semester…

I want to use a tree structure to visualize the social network, and considering of thousands of tweets will update in every second, I think these characteristics of sns may be big challenges for me.