I’m so happy that I will get much more comfortable with more tools by doing skill builder exercises this semester.

The first one is router. These were all the tools I used:

The process

Attaching the router bit and the circle cutting jig.

Two notes for this process:

1.It will be more convenient if I install the router bit at first, then attach the long circle cutting jig.

2.The lock pin can’t be insert too deep into the spindle, otherwise it will be difficult to take it off if I already tightened the collet nut.

Made the router bit a little higher than the jig’s surface for the first cut.

Marking the cuts and fixing the wooden peg.

Since the material I found in the trash bin was not big, I had to take full use of three edges of the piece to make a square shape.

Using a 1/4″ drill bit to drill a hole (3/4 depth of the material) in the center for fixing the jig pin.

Fixing the piece of wood on the workbench.

Cutting out the circular shape in a counter-clockwise direction.

I used the first hole on the jig to cut a small circle.

A tip after trying the first cut:

Always remember to tighten the adjustment ring by rotating in the opposite direction. Even though I locked the ring, the bit moved upward a little during the cutting.  

PS:The bit moved(slipt) maybe because there were too much dust in the collet, just check and tap them out.

Extending the router bit for each pass until cutting through the material.

Because the nail obstructed my way, the router couldn’t move forward anymore.

Cutting out the Straight Edge.

I connected the two ends of the circular path, then draw another line paralleled this line. The distance between the two lines equals the distance from the edge of the router base to the outside of the router bit.

I should move the wood panel a little bit out of the workbench, in order to mount the C clamps steadily.

Finally, cleaning up the workbench and returning all tools.