I want to make a wood base for my candle light.

The processes are as follows:

Draw AI sketch

Export as SVG file (The stroke weight is 0.1pt).


Add a New Tool for the Hardwood in Otherplan

(step by step directions to add a new tool : https://othermachine.co/support/techniques/tool-library/?_ga=1.258725769.261352103.1444859107)

(feeds and speeds for specific material, wood is at the very bottom: https://othermachine.co/support/techniques/speeds-and-feeds/?_ga=1.258725769.261352103.1444859107)


Attaching End Mill

In order to keep the end mill stable, always remember to tap the collet nut on the workbench to clear it from any dust.

Measure the Floor Board and Mount it

Add 0.002″ to the thickness.

If the bed is inside the box, just connect its USB cable with the computer and turn on the power, then click move–loading to move it out.

Mount the material in the front left corner of the bed. It’s important to check the settings of the material’s placement direction in according with its actual position. Since it’s difficult to place the wood chunk along the edge, I adjusted the origin for Y axis by 0.05 inch in Material’s placement parameter. Then hold the material in place firmly for a few moments to ensure a solid attachment.

Home Machine and Determine Z axis Origin

The ‘change’ and ‘Re-Home’ functions on the left panel are used to calibrate Z axis origin and re-home any time.

Engravings and Cutouts

I took four steps to cut and engrave separately. But every time when I imported the SVG file, they placed in the front left corner by default. I had to move them manually to the right place. What’s the efficiency way to do this? I tried to import all the layers as one SVG files, but I couldn’t adjust each path separately…

PS: In order to save time, I changed the parameter of the material’s thickness after the fist step (engraving the surface into flat and cutting out the square shape).

Cleaning Up the Workbench

After sanding, here is the finished candle base!



The solution for making the SVG layers align in the center is drawing a little dot at the corner. Since it’s too tiny, the mill bit will ignore it.


1.Choose the machine titled “other mill pro”, which is better than others.

2.Use “Re-Home” to reset home each time when export a new path.

3.Use “Engraving” or “Cut out” at one time. Don’t use them together. Because the origin may change.