I got my inspiration from this cute paper dispenser:

So I drew this sketch:

Then imported this jpg file into Vectorworks:

The maximum thickness of the plywood is 0.705 inches, and the maximum diameter of the wood stick is 1.25 inches:

So this is the final vectors image:

Export the DWG file from Vectorworks to U disk, then set up MasterCAM files:

Double Check Operation Animation

Remember, the depth will always be negative!! If not, the pocket part will not show on the simulated operations.

Then Export G-code. Save both G-code and MasterCAM file to my flash drive, and import the .nc file to CNC Router.

Mount the wood board to the CNC spoil board, then install the end mill and setting origin. Finally, turn on vacuum.

It’s time to begin the job:

Actually the video was showing my second try. In the first time, my board was not long enough and the two nails failed to mount the board tightly.

So for the second time, I changed a large board and fixed four nails on the area where the bit wouldn’t touch.

This is my final product:



Some better ways to make the joints fit: