Make a connector

I wanted to make a wood book shelf, which uses only joinery to join pieces together.

This is my design sketch:

Then I cut the board on CNC.

This is my finished wood shelf:

The details of the joinery:

I didn’t use glue or nails, but the structure turned out to be quite stable.


Photo-essay of interesting connectors

When took a look at the photos in my phone, I found many interesting connectors.

Some visible:

Rainbow jumper wires. Connecting the circuits.

Electric outlet cord. Connecting light bulb to socket.

Charger. Connecting computer to socket.

All kinds of adapters and usb cables. Connecting usb to different devices.

And there are some interesting ones, which I think they are invisible.

Installation: Make a wish.

This installation connect people’s wish to the colorful LEDs when people put their hands on the LED box on the ground and make a wish.

Parade in China town. People celebrate Chinese Spring Festival. The traditional dragon and lion dances are connectors between Chinese people and their homesickness.

Subway and bridge. They are visible, but they are also a kind of invisible connectors of people from different area.