I need a cozy chair that I can lean on when reading or just relax. So it doesn’t have to be a tall one, but has to be wide and steady enough.

I draw some sketches:

I tried to make a 3D model in Rhino:

I also made some cardboard prototypes:

Some styles are kind of ordinary, I didn’t want to wast my time just coping other’s work. So, according the experience of making the book shelf, of which those two kinds of joineries are quite easy and useful, I decided to modify the structure based on my second cardboard prototype.

Then it took me about four hours to draw the CAD file in Vector:

I failed to get on the order list of prince lumber, so I bought the 3/4 inch Birch plywood from Home Depot at NJ in the noon on Monday.

In the afternoon, I measured my material (maximum thickness is 0.73 inches), and started to cut my wood.

I added 0.05 inch as the tolerance for each joint part, but it turned out to be not enough.

The video shows the process:

All the components after disassembling it:


I’ll try to add 0.1 inch as tolerance next time. o.o5 inches didn’t work well. Sanding the joint parts costed an extra work.

Especially for the oval-shouldered halving joints, more space between the two part is needed when drawing the sketch. Sanding these parts was my nightmare.

For my design of the so called chair, it’s comfortable, and the structure is very stable.

But it’s too heavy. I feel I made a quarter size bed…

The good news is, there are no nails and glue, so I can disassemble it very easily.