I used these three basic guidelines to test the users of my prototype.

  1. You want order a cup of skim milk without sugar, A Chicken fresco sandwich, and a gaucho salad.
  2. Then go to place your order. But now you want add a ice cola.
  3. Then pay them by cash. And you don’t want to be bothered when they serve your food.

Here is the video of the testing process:

And I got to know something really helpful about the experience of my design:

1.Using a big font of price will be helpful for some users who care more about the price.

2.People don’t know how to delete the food they have ordered.

3.A welcome page is helpful for new beginners to understand what will going on.

4.Topping could be on the same page with salad. That will be more connivence and less confuse.

5.The font size of the text of each kind of foods is big, so some user may focus on them first and consider them can be click to a submenu.

6.Almost everyone said that the animation of ordering was great. No one had problem with pressing on the plate on the right bottom corner to enter the checking page.