What is “energy”? 

By definition, it is the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity, including heat, light, motion, electrical, etc.

I created a piece of time lapse  that communicates my relationship to energy of everyday. It’s a 24 hrs time lapse, which demonstrates from morning to night, I get up with the sunlight coming in to my room, and all creatures come to alive under the sunshine, and then with the sunset coming, the power of electricity become the most important energy of the world.  My relationship to energy, which changes from the light of sun to the energy of the electricity, is a circulation, and I can’t live without any of them.

Also in this video, the movements of sunshine and the clouds are so amazing. I didn’t know how beautiful the world is until I made this. It reminds me of the days when I lived in Beijing, where the problem of air pollution is very serious. We couldn’t see the sunshine during the day, so everyday the energy of myself was pretty low, I couldn’t behave as vigorous as I did in a sunny day. I cherish the energy of the nature.

2: Keep a log of my “waste” and propose alternatives to my consumption/waste patterns.

I use the disposable plastic up as my tooth-brushing cup.

There is a tag said ” We’ll reuse Your Tote” on the bag of Amazon fresh.

I use the chocolate box to hold some cosmetics.