I worked with Chloe Gao and Lucie Chen for the final project. Our concept was creating a scene of movie using narratives and storytelling.

The story is about two couples of lovers, and their story will be different depends on the player’s path in a certain space.

I focused on exploring more interactive possibilities to let users really engage into the story, and control their experience. Below are some interactive demos:


This video is the demo of setting up collision based vibration feedback in Tango. The vibration sound of the phone is not apparent in this video.

I set the cube a tag called”target” and  add a Rigidbody onto the sphere, then here is the js script for the sphere.


Also the sphere has a sin wave movement.


I tried to use WASD keys and the accelerometer that build in the phone to control the movement of an object.

This video shows that a cube is controlled by the accelerometer of the phone:


For the sound experience, I use what we learnt in class. I assigned a piece of poetry to a relative motionless ball to create the background sound, and assigned the music to another ball which is moving along a certain path in the room, which created an experience of 3D source.


4.Tilt Brush

We also used Tilt Brush and simulated the movement of the brush when it’s drawing the ball.

Our problem is, all the interactive functions worked well in the demos. However, when we combined them together, they just didn’t work with the scene that including tilt brush objects.

For example, when using the vibration feedback, if I add the Rigidbody onto any object, it will fly upward, unless I uncheck the “Use Gravity”. But with the exact same code, the vibration function still won’t work…


So finally, out project ended up with this:


PS: I remade my assignment for the first class:

It’s a projection of sunflower. My idea is the shadow of the petal will flicker when people passing by the light. It looks like the real scene that in summer, the sunflower is flickering in the wind and smiling to people.

My way to approach this is adding a PIR sensor under the light to detect the infrared movement before the light, then trigger a signal to make the shadow flicker.