What is a social problem that you find particularly vexing?

Ocean pollution.

It leads to a series of problems, such as marine lives disappeared, coral dead, and people become contaminated either directly from household products or by eating contaminated seafood and animal fats.

What can of interventions can you think about to address it?

I think there is a possibility of creating a augment reality experience (AR) to show people how serious the ocean pollution is when people shopping seafood at the supermarket. By wearing a special glasses or watching the seafood through the phone’s camera ( with the technology of google tango), people will see a horrible scene of ocean pollution and dead marine lives’ skeleton, which should remind people’s awareness of protecting the ocean.

What are the root causes of the problem and who are the key stakeholders that can make a difference in addressing this problem?

The root causes of the problem are oil spills, fertilizers which causes the eutrophication, solid garbages that disposed incorrectly, sewage and toxic chemicals disposal, etc. There are a lot of key stakeholders that can make a huge contribution to solve this problem. Such as agricultural researchers can push the produce of cheap and eco-friendly fertilizer; factories owners dispose the wast water properly; and tourists of the sea area don’t leave any solid garbages on the beach or throw them into the ocean, etc.