I wanted to make a bird out of the pine wood block. I used the Rhino to do the 3D molding. It was almost ten years ago I learnt this software, I just remember some basic functions. This video helped me a lot.

But when I came to the 4 axis mill, I got several problems in the beginning of setups.

Thanks to Ben’s help, I’ve got a lot of experience on this:

1.Don’t trust anyone who used it before me. Rest everything. Restart the computer. It’s a way of solve some problems.

2.In the CNC software, only 4 tabs can be added. If I want more, I need to make them in Rhino.

3.Use hard wood instead of soft wood in the material setting will slow down the speed, which is good for fine details.

4.The tab is included in the shape. If any part of the shape was changed during setting process, each setting needs to be checked again. Like make sure it’s still using the 1/4 round bit.

5.It’s 1/6 flat bit by default. After creating tool path, need to click edit to check all the roughing and finishing processes to see if it changed the round bit into flat bit.

6.If there’s not enough space for the drill bit around the edges of the shape, I can add margins for each side.

7.I can cancel one of the process. The icon will change to gray. Then I can just cut one side.

8.Remember to measure the length of the drill bit before starting.

9.Use the tool to lock the base part of the live center. It should keep flat.

10.Final process: Shut down the CNC and the computer. Remove the drill bit.


Below are the primary processes:

PS: Never set the Y origin on school’s mill machine.

Finally, I put magnets inside the birds’ body, so the birds can stand on my lamp 🙂

I also made a nest for them: