I remember when I was a kid, and my father was also a young man, sometimes when he came home after his job, he slammed the door heavily. Depending on the slam-bang sound of the door, I would be able to know he was not happy at that moment, he probably had some trouble with his work on that day. The consequence of that was, even I behaved carefully like a really good child, I still made something wrong in his view and he would lost his temper on me. So the moment I heard the sound of the door when he back home, I would predict what my day would be like.

So my idea is to make a smart and sensitive light fixed in the hallway to help me cope with this situation. Although I have grown up, I think this kind of design will still help me and someone else.

Here is my idea about the light:

This idea could also be applied to the stores to advertise outside their doors or let their customers feel their welcome. Or even take place of the street lights as commercial lighting.