Last time I cut a block workpiece with two sides. This time I wanted to try the cylindrical workpiece.

My inspiration is the the engraved rolling pin:

Here is my 3D model in Rhino:

This tutorial helped me to make the texture flow along the surface.  The key process is to use the the FlowAlongSrf command.

And here is the tutorial about making a heart shape.

But I don’t have a cylinder wood material, I just found this block in the shop’s dumpster:

So because of the size limitation, I had to modify the shape. It ended up with a pretty small one:

( I tricked the machine that the diameter of the cylinder was the length of the cube’s diagonal, and I set the x origin a little offset from the right end of the block.)

Below are the main processes:

The engraving mark was very shallow, it was probably because I scaled the size into a smaller one. Another problem was that it took a very long time to mill the cube into a cylinder, and most of the time it was milling in the air in the beginning. Therefore I didn’t have enough time to do the finishing process. I miss the wood lathe!!

I want to book future time slots to make it one more time when the booking calendar return to normal.