I love the atmosphere of A/D/O, which is fulfilled with creative art and design.

The main lobby’s ceiling design really amazed me. The city’s dramatical change by time could be seen through the skylight that includes a strategically placed mirror. It is an incredible broad view that allows anyone standing underneath to get good views of both the Brooklyn and Williamsburg bridges. The space inside is so well connected with the space outside, and it’s a contrast of dynamic and static, finite and infinite. It reminded me a lot when we talked about the space two weeks ago, like the Cloud Gate sculpture, and The Louvre, etc. 

For me, the Urban Vehicle they presented was really interesting and mysterious. I think the weird rickshaw-like device looks like a kind of performance art, as a means to explore the city’s interiority and maybe- solutions for the future of city living, because the sand, rocks, air and water samples they gathered by the vehicle are really thoughtful details of the city. Anyway, the mastermind behind this are some lovely designers and artists who have the passion for life and the world.

It reminds of Beijing hutong, and the traditional vehicles which usually seen in the hutong called trishaw:

Based on the themes in the presentation and relating to the idea of INTERACTIVITY as engagement, I designed a kind of electrical vehicle, aiming to explore the relation between the city and modern life.

These are my concept: