This is my project for analog avatar. It’s not me yet, and still in progress, because I encountered two many problems. The idea is to create an interactive avatar in AR experience. People can change the avatar by touching the screen. For example, when the target image is me standing in the fitting rom, by touching the screen, I can change my clothes, I can talk, or do what else.

Practice of importing skeletal mesh and animations form Mixamo to unreal:

I don’t know why when I hit play, I couldn’t adjust the view. I can only rotate the camera by clicking the mouse.

/Update after class/

The reason is the 3D model and the Player Start are placed together. So when I hit play, the software will move the collision object, which is the Player Start, to the place under the floor. The solution is just moving the Player Start to somewhere I want to start the view when playing.

Here are the screen shots of key processes: