It was such an immersive reading experience to listen to the Original Broadway Cast Recording while reading the text. All the actor’s lines became alive in my imagination. The song of “The origin of love” is so touching.

Concept sentences:

One Simple Sentence

The musical is about dream, love and betrayal.

One Complex Sentence

The musical is about a man names Hedwig who did sex-change operation, came from Berlin to America for love, for pursuing her dream as rock and roll singer, and went through love and betrayal along her tragic life.

Three to Five Sentence version of the story

The musical is about a man names Hedwig who did sex-change operation, married Luther, who he called sugar daddy. She followed him from Berlin to America. She wanted to chase her dream as a rock and roll star in America. But Luther ran off with a bag boy. Then she had a band called the Angry Inch, which sounds like a metaphor of her tragic life. But finally she was betrayed again by a young guy called Tommy.


Fuch’s questions for Hedwig and the Angry Inch

The story happened in some private spaces like Hedwig’s home in Berlin, her dressing room in America, and some public places like a operating room, a bar, etc. I noticed that an emergency door was mentioned several times. That can be the sign of space changing.

In the show, the time doesn’t stand still. It’s marked with Hedwig’s severa turning point through her life. The first one is sex-change operation. The second one is her relation with Luther. The third one is Tommy’s betrayal.

The climate feels like either winter or summer. It’s extremely freezing or fiery.

The mood is sad and ironic. The sad feeling reaches to climax when Hedwig found himself abandoned in America. The song of “Angry Inch” is the foreshadowing of the ironic story afterwards.

The story is epitome of many stories happened in the real world, but it smacks of exaggeration.

There are three central figures surrounded by others, from Hudwig’s mother to some Korean women. Everyone except Hudwig has the power, like her mother, Luther and Tommy.

The language in the show is presented by songs, accompanied by piano, guitar, and drum.

The thing that changed dramatically is Hudwig’s body and the living environment of his life, and that lead to a serials of tragedies, which shaken her faith for love and herself.

I think the thing that doesn’t change is Hudwig’s dream as a rock and roll singer.