I got some inspirations from

I set the diameter as 72.9mm and 49.9mm. The 0.9mm is tolerance.

I found this tutorial quite useful when I had trouble with creating a union solid.

This tool works very well, I made a nice clean surface:



And when I couldn’t use the boolean union function to make two solid objects joint, the align function would be helpful.


From the STL Export Options select Binary for File (this produces smaller files than selecting Ascii) .

Here is my file.

3D Printing


  1. Make sure I’m using the right material. Some ones in the shop looks like PLA, but it’s crisp. PlA is much more softer.
  2. Make sure setting the right temperature, which can be noticed when choosing the material.
  3. Using Tune >Abort to stop the task.


I tried the 0.4mm Nozzle at first.

The first try turned out to be a little loose. So I scaled the model by 0.99. And tried the 0.6mm Nozzle. It’s faster, but looks less smoother.

But it turned out that the second one is flexible. I might choose the different material.

The filament of the hard one:

The filament of the soft one:

Hangingon the camera: