Project Plan

We will primarily use Unreal to pre-render the video.

Other software will include Unity, After Effects, Premier, Maya, Motion Builder, Adobe Fuse, etc.

Task List:


1. Creating 3D model of the main characters.

2.Building up 3 primary scenes in unreal.

3.Fingering out technical challenges of the motion part.


1.Collecting music pieces.

2. Mixing them.


Storygraph Analysis

The video is about 9min, I chosen the beginning and the ending part to do the analysis:

La La Land Ending Scene – Analysis

Story Board images

Feedbacks notes:

1.There could have two climaxes. Put the primary climax at a little bit later from the middle of the story. The secondary one will be at the end.

2. Clarify what happened during the climax moment.

3. Using different color effects to present the reality and the memory.


Test Visuals @IAC Fri Sep 22

100 test images

Some notes from the test:

  1. The colors look blueish. Orange>red, red>purple…
  2. The golden ratio on the picture is not really at the golden ration position when standing at the center of the hall.
  3. When looking from the most left/right, it’s hard to see what’s going on on the other side, even the middle of the screen.

My partner and me really like the delicate food shown on the screen.