This is presenting part of a story, which is about two musicians’ different life paths. The place looks realistic, but what’s going on here is wired. I tried to use different interactions to attract people’s attention of the room. In the first scene, you will see the swaying curtain and flickering light behind that. Then when moving closer and looking at the door, the spot light above the door will be triggered. When standing by the door, if people looking at it, the door’s creaky sound can be heard. All these interactions are trying to make people feel curious, and inviting people to discover the room.

Technical hot tip:

1. Using cull off function to make a model visible from the opposite side of the “normals”.

2. In C# script, the position’s parameter needs to add “f” after a number with decimal.



I added some audio files and snowing effect into the scene.

I tried to build this into gear, but the app quitted unexpectedly when I plug the phone into gear. I couldn’t fingered out the problem.

And for the violin, the model I downloaded doesn’t have materials, and I don’t know how to make it follow the person’s hands…




Hokkaido is a beautiful place in Japan. I never been there, but I have collected lots of photos of there. Its winter is like a paradise in my dream.