This week I improved my 3D model of the swan.

  1. Rebuilding the neck.
  2. Using the “wirecut” command to cut the head into several parts and keep them solid.

Now it looks like a duck though.

I didn’t know why I couldn’t boolean the parts of the head that I cut by the curve. So this website helped me.

And by using its software I converted 3fm file into stl file. Because the Cura LulzBot can only use the stl file.

Printed in the Cura Ultimaker 2+ 0.6mm. I didn’t add support for it…

Here is the one printed by Cura LulzBot:

ps: I couldn’t find my file in the SD card from the printer. The solution is to format the card.

The support part helped a lot.

About how to change filament on Cura LulzBot:

Heat to 230 degree, then lift this part, insert the filament until it continuously coming out.