Sketching for final idea:

I bought this Waterproof Housing Case for my camera. I also have a SubSee Magnifier. In order to connect them, I decided to make an adapter.

I found this waterproof screw, it will be used for the joint.

So here is the sketch:

2D Technical Drawings


Joint Inspiration:

Final model:

Problems when printing:

1. I didi lots of measurements, but struggled a lot with the tolerance.

Diameter  (whole)

9> 8.3            0.7mm

Thickness  (width)

4.98>5.3       0.32mm

Diameter  cylinder

9.4>9.7          0.3mm

2. Bubbles on the surface

3. Distortion

Tips to remember:

1. Using Volume command to  check if it’s solid.

2. Always using boolean function to cut solid objects to make sure it’s still solid after cutting.

3. Checking the printing process on Cura.